WDSI 2018
Western Decision Sciences Institute



Papers are invited on, but not limited to, the tracks listed. Papers and abstracts should be submitted for review to be accepted for presentation at the conference. The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2017. The papers will be double-blind reviewed by referees and research abstracts are subject to a final review by the respective Track Chair and the Program Chair. Please use Online Document Submission System to submit documents for review to be presented at the Conference and be included in the Online Proceedings. (Please do this, even if you have signed in as a user in the past years.)  (Note that signing in as a new user does not constitute registration to the conference.) Although there is no formatting requirement for submission for review, the submitted documents should not contain any author identification. 

Papers and abstracts, accepted for presentation at the conference, will be published in online conference proceedings. Documents have page limits to appear in the proceedings. For full papers, the page limit is six pages, and for abstracts it is two pages. There is an extra page fee of $35 per page over and above these limits. Final submission should be according to a camera-ready format to be announced. Copyright of the papers, however, will stay with the author(s).  

Submission of Camera-Ready Copy to Appear in the Conference Proceedings

When your manuscript is accepted for presentation at the conference, you will be asked to submit your camera-ready copy, which must be formatted according to the WDSI style (and this is the MS Word version, for your convenience.) Please upload the camera-ready copy following these instructions.