WDSI 2018
Western Decision Sciences Institute


Document Submission


Submission of Camera-Ready Copy to Appear in the Conference Proceedings and to be scheduled for presentation at the meeting

Deadline: Monday, January 29, 2018

Full papers, extended abstracts, and abstracts that are accepted for presentation at the conference, will be published in online conference proceedings. “Full Paper” documents are completed research; an “Abstract” can be a research idea, or reporting of preliminary results of a yet-to-be completed research; and an “Extended Abstract” is the reporting the progress on an ongoing, not yet completed, research.) Copyrights, however, will stay with the author(s). Documents have page limits to appear in the proceedings. For  a full paper, the page limit is six pages, and for  a (short and extended) abstract it is two pages. There is an extra page fee of $35 per page over and above these limits. Final submission should be according to a camera-ready format.   

In the past WDSI Meetings, “Full Papers” and “(Extended-) Abstracts” were organized in separate sessions. In more recent meetings, we have decided, for WDSI 2018, to populate sessions with similar topical/subject matter. Each session may include presentations from all three types as long as they thematically alike; however, they will be identified as “Full Papers” or “(Extended-) Abstracts” in the program.

When your manuscript is accepted for presentation at the conference, you will be asked to submit your camera-ready copy, which must be formatted according to the WDSI Style: for full papers, extended abstracts, and abstracts. Please upload the camera-ready copy following these instructions, at http://wdsinet.org/papers/. Please note that the camera-ready copy should not have page numbers and it must be submitted as a MS Word document. The abstract to be cut & pasted into the space provided (in addition to uploading your camera-ready document), cannot be more than 750 characters - spaces included.

If a paper is presented at the conference, it will appear on the conference schedule and its abstract will be printed in the conference program (the document that we shall hand out on site at check-in in Kaua’i.) For the online proceedings, although we do not encourage this, if the author(s) do not wish their document to be included, the author(s) still need to submit a camera-ready copy with the title, affiliations, and abstract formatted according to the WDSI style as indicated above. The body of the document should contain the statement, "Copy has not been submitted for inclusion in the proceedings."

Please contact Program Chair, Ömer S. Benli, at omer.benli@csulb.edu, if you have questions or concerns.